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Google Reviews

Ralph LaGuardia
March 3, 2022.
I just purchased my 3rd piece from her and just enjoy it. Absolutely adds color to the room where it will be displayed. The owner/ artist is very down to earth and easy to communicate with.
Alyssa Bennett
February 17, 2022.
Tina was awesome to work with. I reached out to her after wanting a custom painting for my master bedroom. I told her my color scheme and a broad idea of what I wanted and she took it to another level! She communicated with me every step of the way to make sure I was happy with everything she was doing. She even added in glow in the dark powder which gave my art a really cool and unique touch. I couldn’t be more happy with the customer service and my beautiful piece of art. Thank you paints and plants!
Resourceful Jill
February 15, 2022.
I could not be happier with the beautiful trinket dish I ordered from Tina. It's absolutely beautiful, and the way she wrapped it, with the little scroll and all the lovely touches, make it even better. Tina's thoughtfulness and excellent customer service made this experience wonderful, and I look forward to buying more of her gorgeous art in the future!
Jennifer Levine
December 22, 2021.
Tina is amazing anything you ask for she can make and take the time to create something magical I’ve bought several pieces of painted art from her….You think of it she can create:) an absolute sweetheart!!!
Leandra Navetta
December 8, 2021.
This place is an absolute GEM! Every single piece is gorgeous and meticulously handmade by the artist, who spends a great deal of time creating unique and intricate designs. There truly is something for everyone here. And if it’s not listed, the artist will work closely with each client to ensure that a personalized item is created that will ultimately exceed expectations. I was truly impressed not only with the talent of the artist, but also with the care and time taken with each piece. From the smallest and most simple, to the largest and more intricate, the details are stunning! You can truly see the love that is connected to all these works of art. Creative, impressive, thoughtful, useful and flawlessly made with very high quality materials…totally perfect!